Boat Marine Polish With Carnauba Wax
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Boat Marine Polish With Carnauba Wax Long Lasting Shine
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Boat Marine Polish with Carnauba Wax

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Our premium Marine Polish with Caranuba Wax restores, revives and protects boat exterior, car detailing and RV surfaces while leaving a professional long-lasting high gloss lustrous shine to Fiberglass Hull, Gel Coat, Plastic, Metal, Plexiglass and painted boating surfaces. Our rich, creamy wax contains a potent combination of substantive silicone and carnauba wax that protects against corrosion, weathering and a dull appearance resulting from exposure to salt water, rust, marine build-up, the sun and other elements while increasing durability by leaving a barrier that repels water, stains and build-up. Simply wipe the emulsion wax onto the surface of the boat or vehicle, allow to set for 15 minutes, and then buff out with a clean microfiber towel. We proudly stand behind the quality of all our products with a 100% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee! We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality products. If you don't love our Marine Polish with Caranuba Wax, simply let us know and receive a full, no questions asked refund. MADE IN USA.

  • RESTORES COLOR & LEAVES A HIGH-GLOSS SHINE FINISH: Our premium boat polish breathes new life into dull, discolored and aging surfaces to restore depth and richness of color while leaving a long-lasting brilliant shiny finish. For heavily oxidized and/or scratched surfaces, use an oxidation remover or polishing compound prior to applying our Marine Polish. This creamy, rich wax revives the color of faded water crafts to look like new again! Also works great for auto care, a RV, car or camper.
  • SEALS TO INCREASE DURABILITY & PROTECT AGAINST CORROSION: Our premium boat polish cream contains a potent combination of substantive silicone and carnauba wax to protect against corrosive elements including seawater, salt, rust, UV sunlight, algae, fuel and more. Our superior formula repels water and build-up to make future cleaning faster and easier while helping to prevent stains. This boat polish with wax causes water to bead and makes dirt, bugs and marine life droppings easier to remove.
  • POLISHES FIBERGLASS, GEL COAT & PAINTED SURFACES: Leaves a smooth, slick finish on fiber-glass, plastic, metal, plexiglass and more on a speedboat, catamaran, sailboat, yacht or jet-skis. Revives the color of marine paint for aluminum boats and marine paint for fiberglass boats. Apply using our Wax Applicator Set, a mechanical buffer or a clean cloth. Follow with a marine wax if desired. We stand behind the quality of marine products and boat cleaning supplies with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY & MADE IN THE USA: Better Boat offers a comprehensive line of premium quality boat care products. Developed by boaters for boaters, our marine-grade products are made to strict, tested, trade-secret standards. We offer all the tools needed to make caring for your boat easier so you can spend less time cleaning and more time on the water.