Marine Sealant & Adhesive Caulk
Below water marine sealant
caulk or glue for water
Boat Pool Windshield Aquarium Marine Glue Caulk
Water Sealing Gaps on boat
sealing edges on water lines
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Marine Sealant & Adhesive Caulk

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Works as a sealant, caulk and superglue all in one! Fixes leaky portholes, seams and more. Once cured, the permanent bond remains flexible and can withstand vibrations and shock. Marine-grade formula offers long-lasting superior strength and hold for above and below the waterline. Cures white and can be sanded and painted making it perfect for cosmetic repairs. Try it risk-free for 30 days - love it or get your money back!


  • Fixes Leaking Seams: Long-lasting sealant works great to repair seams and stop leaks.
  • Works Above & Below Waterline: Once cured creates a waterproof seal that is submersible.
  • Flexible Permanent Bond: Sealant will bend, expand and contract as weather conditions change without compromising the strength of the seal.
  • Weatherproof: Marine-grade formula stands up to the elements including fresh and salt-water and UV rays.
  • Seals & Adheres to Various Materials: Can be used to fix so many things! Permanently bonds to fiberglass, gelcoat, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, wood and more.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Try it risk-free for 30 days and if you don't love it - get a full refund