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Synthetic Chamois Mop Head

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Commercial grade mop head made from super soft, ultra-absorbent shammy strands that work great to quickly wash or dry surfaces. The flexible strands are perfect to clean hard-to-reach areas or to sop up water after washing. Won't leave behind lint or streaks for a sparkling clean finish. 3/4" Acme threaded base works with standard broom and mop handles. Try it risk-free for 30 days - love it or get your money back!


  • Ultra-Absorbent Material For A Fast Clean: Wide, sponge like strands sop up excess water making washing and drying faster.
  • Plush Shammy Strands Reach Nook & Crannies: These shammy strands go where sponge mops can't! They reach into tight spots and lift dirt away.
  • Safely Cleans Multi-Surfaces: Super-soft strands gently yet effectively clean gel-coat, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, plastic wood, glass and more.
  • Works With a Standard Mop Handle: 3/4" Acme threaded base compatible with standard broom/mop handles or telescopic rods. Please note: Handle not included.
  • Lint-Free, Streak-Free Finish: Won't leave behind lint, water-marks or streaks leaving surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Try it risk-free for 30 days and if you don't love it - get a full refund!

    *PLEASE NOTE: Handle not included.

    *IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of the material, the mop strands dry stiff and crumpled. Don’t worry! This does not mean the mop head is ruined. Simply submerge in water for a few minutes and wring out before use.

    *DIRECTIONS: Remove mop head from plastic bag. Submerge mop head in water for 3 minutes. Wring out mop head to remove excess water. Screw mop head on to 3/4” threaded pole tip and use to wash or dry desired surface. Once done, rinse mop head with clean water, wring out. OPTIONAL: To keep mop head flexible, moisten strands and store in a sealed bag.